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Top 5 Emerging Phone Technologies

Mobile technologies have been advancing at a very rapid speed. These techniques make it very easy for us to communicate, do business and various other things; technology will always affect economy and politics and influence our culture to a great scale. In today’s world, almost everyone has a Smartphone with them, and it is being used for various purposes. With the advancement in technology, so many new applications are continually being developed to improve the condition of life.

Phone Technologies

The following are some of the newest technology which is ready for your next phones.

Augmented Reality and Utility Apps:

When Augmented Reality gets integrated with Utility Apps, they become one of the best engaging apps in the world. Augmented reality technology has been around for years, and it has a wild futuristic concept. Apps like Pokémon Go, Ink Hunter, Google translation, Amikasa, etc. are some of the best examples of the Augmented Reality technology we have today.

Android Instant Apps:

We live in a world where everything is fast moving, and there is hardly any time for anything. Keeping that in mind, when we have to use an app, downloading it and then installing the app is quite hectic and time-consuming. Instant apps are the solution to this problem. Google has a new technology which allows you to run an app instantly and there is no need for you to download or install the application. All you need to do is simply search the app on your smart-phone, and the app turns up and does that work you want it to do.

Artificial Intelligence in mobiles:

Artificial Intelligence is one of the best technologies that is currently revolutionizing the way we look at the future. Developers are continually trying to embed Artificial Intelligence into mobile applications. If this is achieved, then the educational industry has the opportunity to develop on a large scale. No longer will you need teachers to teach kids, as there will be so many apps which can teach your kids and the conduction of tests would no longer be such a hassle.

The same applies to mobile commerce. You can have a personal tutor or a shopper on your phone, and that will shop based on what you like.

Internet of Things:

As more and more gadgets are becoming “smart” and get connected to the internet, you need to have more mobile applications to control such devices and gadgets.

Security applications:

With the constant increase in hackers all over the world, it is essential for us to keep our devices secure. We live in the time where we do all our bank transactions and other important things on the internet and thus maintaining its security is quite essential. There are a lot of mobile apps which evolve into purses and wallets and safety is a major concern.