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Speck Presidio instance roundup for Apple iPhone XS Max/XS/X: Two-layer drop protection in compelling types

Speck Presidio case roundup for Apple iPhone XS Max/XS/X: Two-layer drop protection in powerful styles

The Apple iPhone XS Max, see our complete review, and XS are excellent phones with costs over $1,000. They’re also glass sandwiches to allow them to additionally break whenever fallen. Fortunately, Speck provides some appealing and inexpensive choices for the XS maximum and XS/X phones.

Speck delivered along a number of its Presidio line-up to test out, such as the Grip, keep Clear, V-Grip, and Pro. I’d an iPhone XS maximum for bigger situations, but must utilize my iPhone X to try small instances. The iPhone XS and X instances are exactly the same.

The Presidio Pro is present for $39.95 inGraphite Eclipse Blue/Carbon Black, Dusty Green/Brunswick Black, Aquifier Blue/Stormy gray, Filigree Grey/Slate Grey, Meadow Pink/Vintage Purple, and Heartrate Red/Vermillion Red.

The Presidio Pro is an excellent shade case with a total smooth touch exterior surface that truly has actually anti-microbial treatment on it to prevent the development of micro-organisms. The Presidio professional is your absolute best choice by using your iPhone within the restroom or are worried in regards to the scatter of germs in other surroundings.

Published at Fri, 12 Oct 2018 13:47:18 +0000