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Android os OS updates: the reason why the most recent doesn't mean the best

Android os OS changes: the reason why the newest doesn't indicate the greatest

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There tend to be plenty of articles talking about the extensive circulation various variations of Android os and comparing this variety with Apple iOS. Although it is great if Android os could mirror Apple, with regards to OS changes, obtaining a yearly improvement to Android is completely acceptable for major manufacturers and can even in fact be recommended the enterprise.

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Samsung invests in its Samsung Experience, previously called TouchWiz, to produce devices which can be optimized when it comes to hardware and also offer more than you can find in stock Android. Samsung provides functionality in present versions of Android os that are frequently taken to all of those other Android os neighborhood with an OS revision months later on. For instance, Samsung has already established double software capability for a long time, while its nonetheless instead brand-new on stock Android devices. Samsung’s implementation has also evolved becoming a lot better than the stock experience.

The newest Galaxy S9 Plus launches with Android os 8.0.0 and Samsung Experience 9.0. Present Galaxy S8 and Note 8 products have Android 7 — with an Android 8 up-date likely to arrive the following month or two. Evaluating a Galaxy S8 Plus to a Galaxy S9 Plus, regarding pc software, shows discover almost no distinction between these experiences, so if you have no need for this new equipment in the Galaxy S9, the application just isn’t justification enough to upgrade your device.

Samsung has been doing a fantastic task in supplying Android protection changes to its devices, frequently within a few weeks for the launch of the monthly update. It often takes even quicker action when there is a crucial change readily available. These safety changes are critical for enterprise adoption, and Samsung seems being able to supply these within the last 12 months.

Although the tech news and enthusiasts slam Samsung — also Android os makers — for taking months to discharge OS updates, I do perhaps not think this can be an issue when it comes to enterprise. Organizations desire tried-and-tested computer software and so are maybe not enthusiastic about beta testing major OS changes. Apple’s iOS 11 has been shown become rather buggy, so one has to ask should they want the newest and greatest software, that could price them time and effort in promoting something that is certainly not shown to be reliable for critical systems.

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In addition to supplying basic performance when you look at the OS, Samsung also provides programs which are usually a lot better than what’s supplied in stock Android os. These applications can offer split between company and personal communications and functionality, including advanced capacity to assist men and women finish their particular function better.

I’m fed up with hearing that Samsung also Android producers tend to be bad and that you ought to just buy a Google Pixel item to obtain the latest form of Android os. Bing has already established several of its very own challenges in equipment, so it is not at all times the most effective alternative for the enterprise.

Look beyond the buzz, assuming you will find a phone that does it-all available, enjoy it. Don’t worry an excessive amount of about having the latest form of Android os, as it doesn’t constantly indicate this is the most readily useful.


Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus analysis: Android brilliance happens to be achieved

Samsung is the world’s top smartphone manufacturer and it has perfected the Android smartphone to the level in which there is nothing lacking in the S9 Plus. Along with exceptional reception and solid phone overall performance the S9 Plus is going to be difficult to conquer in 2018.

Samsung Galaxy S9 has arrived, but do not dispose off that Note 8 at this time

This new Samsung Galaxy S9 could be the shiny brand-new thing and has now Samsung’s newest technical aperture digital camera. That doesn’t suggest your Note 8 is obsolete, though, and actually, it will get somewhat better whenever its Android os 8 Oreo enhance hits.

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