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To provide honest informative reviews for normal men and women. Reviews are not all we compose though; we also aim to provide you with the latest tech news before anyone else. We operate under a policy of publish first, edit second to make sure this happens.

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The iPhone X is a sensational-looking iPhone — but it clearly comes at a huge cost, and you will have to wait to get it. Question marks remain over Face ID as a means of unlocking the phone, but if your face actually does get ‘learned’ over time, it could work well.

One of the big talking points about the iPhone X is the notch at the top of the phone, where a section of the ‘all-screen’ display was cut out to place the cameras.



Apple MacBook Pro 

In a little under 1.4kg, it isn’t so light that you won’t notice it sitting on your bag, but it won’t give you back strain only lifting the item either. It is only 15mm thick, which is significantly skinnier than the previous generation design.


X2 Harada Gaming Mouse

X2 is based out of the Netherlands, offering top quality, stylish PC hardware and accessories for high end gaming. The Harada gaming mouse is the least expensive of X2’s peripheral range at $38, however it packs a number of the features found in the higher end products.

Like any other modern gamer mouse, the novelty is equipped with an LED RGB-backlit. To store custom settings 64 KB of internal memory is provided, and to connect to a computer using USB 2.0 interface with a sampling frequency of 1000 Hz. Cable length is 1.8 meters.

x2 harada
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